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We love our awesome designers and hope you love them as much as we do!

At Aubrey & Oliver, we believe in the importance of women supporting women and proudly carry a wide-range of products from women-owned small businesses as well as handmade products handcrafted by women. 

Jess Lea

Based out of Cypress, Texas, Jess Lea Boutique offers fun, fabulous and affordable women's clothing, shoes & accessories!

Michelle McDowell

Michelle McDowell is lifestyle jewelry and clothing company based in Raleigh, NC. Their jewelry collections offer high-fashion, on-trend designs for the modern woman.The brand was born from the love of accessories and the concept of adding the finishing touch to any basic outfit. Designer Michelle Cable credits the creative direction of her jewelry to many aspects – personal taste, style, lifelong influences, and the instinctive gift of design. 

Bourbon and Boweties

Bourbon and Boweties was born from an idea Carley Ochs, owner and designer, had while creating jewelry for friends and family. Each bangle is hand-crafted by women and men in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. Bourbon and Boweties has secured successful partnerships with small boutiques all over the USA and is proud to offer timeless, fashionable and affordable jewelry that will forever be..."Made by Proud Southern Hands."

Tide & Till

Hand crafted artisan candles poured in small batches made from sustainably sourced soy wax, organic cotton core wicks, and Dibutyl phthalate free. Tide & Till is based in Panama City, Florida with roots in roots Charleston, South Carolina.

Prep Obsessed

Founded in April 2013, Prep Obsessed features curated items for the home as well as clothing, accessories, and on-trend jewelry. Prep Obsessed is owned and operated by best friends Nina and Corey in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Taylor Elliot Designs

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Graphic Design, Taylor opened Taylor Elliott Designs. Specializing in motivational, colorful and fun-to-use gift items and desk accessories, Taylor Elliot Designs is inspired by their customers, who love charming, colorful and fun products. Nothing brings Taylor more joy than to see her customers gifting and enjoying her products.

Evil Queen Candles

According the Evil Queen Candle's founder Ida, "The story of Evil Queen is pretty funny (if I do say so myself.) One day, while driving through Downtown Los Angeles, I passed a flower shop called 'Basic Flowers.' I laughed really hard and said, 'Basic flowers, for the basic bitch in your life.' Then, like in a cheesy Hollywood film, the lightbulb went off. I knew I had to create something sassy like that. Something that everyone could love. And it just clicked: candles. I had never made a candle in my life before starting Evil Queen. But with a lot of patience and practice, here we are. My wish is to make candles with attitude that you'll have fun gifting to your friends and burning around your house. Life is so serious sometimes. It's good to lighten up."